My parents have Antique furniture, what is it worth?

A large part of what we do is manage our clients expectations and prepare them for the results of the sale. Every home has a different collection of items unique to the people that lived there. The largest part of an estate sale is the furniture in the home. Unfortunately the furniture does not bring the highest proceeds to a sale. 

The furniture market is very soft right now. What that means is, furniture does not have the value that it once had in the market place say 5-10 years ago. This is the same for antique and vintage furniture. The only type of furniture that is holding some value is Mid-Century Modern furniture. This era of furniture is from 1945 - 1965 but has been pushed into the 1970's. Not all MCM furniture is created equal. It is a certain style and look of MCM furniture that is popular today. 

A Danish Teak Dining room table from the 1970's will bring more money than a 1950's Drexel Dining room table. Darker furniture is not popular in today's age. Buyers are looking for light modern furniture for their homes. 

Another factor to take into consideration is furniture stores. When Rooms to Go sells a whole room of furniture for $699 and they deliver. How can we compete with that price point? Unless buyers appreciate older vintage furniture, it is a hard sell. And even if it is appreciated buyers are not paying reasonable prices. 

Think about this, there are 50-75 estate sales going on every weekend year round. Each estate sale is competing for buyers to come to the sale. We typically always have great turn out at our sales but buyers tend to buy on 50% off day. If the items are priced high they will not sell even for half off. 

We have to be super reasonable in pricing the furniture because at the end of the sale we do not want a house full of furniture left and wondering what to do with it. I am not saying that all furniture is not worth anything. Sure there are pieces that will bring thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Right now those pieces are few and far between at this point. So in conclusion be realistic in what you expect for the antique furniture you have for sale. Don't get discouraged thinking that you will not have enough to have a sale performed by a estate sale company. 

Let us come out and meet with you for a free consultation. At that time we can determine there is enough to do the sale. If you have any questions please contact Kelly Honey with A Honey Hole Estate Sales at 404-509-2699. We can answer any question you might have regarding your sale.