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“Kelly and her team did an amazing job with our Estate Sale in Doraville. Everything was staged and priced well, they were so respectful of all the contents and compassionate with our difficulty of having to part with a parent’s things. I went by the house the day after the 3 day sale was over and not one little knick knack remained. We paid a nominal fee for them to remove everything that didn’t sell and it was completely worth it. I just can’t say enough good things about our experience with them.”
— Lynn

“Kelly really knows what she is doing! I highly recommend her company!”
— Ashley

Let me tell all of you out there that is in need of an ESTATE SALE...Kelly and her team is the only way to go!! She is very knowledgeable about all household items and especially antiques. She sold about 95 percent of all my items in about 3 days. When it was all over, I was shocked to see how much money she brought in for me. To this day I still cannot believe it!!
Also, another outstanding job Ms. Kelly did was protect my home as if it was hers. She was very meticulous about everything!!
So, run don’t walk to Ms. Kelly and her team to get your precious items sold!!
— Dave

Kelly delivered on her promise. Our top priority was that everything be sold, or donated, and we were so pleased that in just two short days, it was all sold and we got a sizable return. Highly recommend Honey Hole Estate and their personal attention. Thanks Kelly.
— Jeff Tebbetts
I know it takes a lot of faith to put your own, or your loved ones belongings into another person hands. But PLEASE trust me when I say it will be well placed with A Honey Hole Estate Sales. They did everything they said they would. From sorting through a house full of items full of memories to me, to conducting the sale and the all important final disposal and clean up afterwards. I did receive a nice check at the end of their sale, and the home looked truly lovely to potential buyers afterwards . But the most important part is that she did everything she offered to do, and more. It is one of the most difficult things one has to do in their life, when you are already stressed and grieving. A Honey Hole got me through the process and they will for you too. Don’t hesitate to call them, and don’t wait. Get on their calendar ASAP! And listen to them when they say not to throw anything away lol
— Sylvia Sullivan
My husband and I decided to downsize to an RV so we could travel and work. I began listing things on Craigslist, Facebook, various social selling apps. It was awful.

I felt this way less because I was attached to the stuff than because it was overwhelming. So much work. So little progress. Very little money. I wasn’t attracting people who valued what I had, and I was exhausted from trying.

Then I met Kelly Honey, and found out that an estate sale was an option, even if I was still living. And not particularly wealthy. And didn’t have antiques or jewelry.

Thank. Heavens. Seriously.

Kelly and her team handled everything. They sorted through, organized and priced the entire contents of our 2200-square-foot house. When they found personal items I’d missed, they alerted me. When they found trash I’d missed (oops), they tossed it.

They’re smart, decent people who made what was a miserable process almost fun. Still work, but they did 99% of it and never lost their sense of humor about it all.

We dropped by the house the night before the sale and were AMAZED. Everything was organized and merchandised like a retail shop. I was confident in Kelly and her team long before that night, but seeing how well set up she was boosted the impression even further.

People who came to the sale told us after the fact how professional and helpful the A Honey Hole team was, and how people were lined up at the door waiting for the sale to start.

We made far more money in just 3 days than in *months* of slogging through the misery of downsizing. They’re experienced pros who know how to price, market and sell.

I do have one regret: That I didn’t meet and hire Kelly sooner.
— Teresa Ott