Who comes to estate sales?

The answer to this question was different 10 years ago. Since then we have had a recession and hard economic times.

Years ago having an estate sale was selling to the end user. You would have the antique dealer or various reseller come out but mostly it was people who wanted a good deal for items they were purchasing for themselves.

Now the bulk of buyers are resellers. The buyers have booths at antique malls, flea markets or sell on eBay. So now the estate sale is the wholesale avenue for the middle man. This fact has hurt the market because the estate liquidator cannot maximize what the items should sell for in the open market place.

The people who know about estate sales are a limited. I am not sure why purchasing from an estate sale is not main stream. Maybe advertising for estate sales are not mainstream to the majority of people who do not know about them.

Since the majority of buyers are purchasing to resell then the items for sale has to be priced accordingly. If not the sale will not be successful and the house will be full of items. It does not accomplish the goals of removing all the items from the house.

Estate sales can and are still profitable but the expectation has to be managed due to the type of buyers attending the sales today.

We have other ways to sell items that help our estate sales. We are using new strategies to help our clients liquidate personal property. So we do have other ways to help our clients.

If you are in need of liquidating an estate please consider giving us a call. We offer free consultations to visit with you and discuss the best plan for your situation.

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